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Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

Today we need to discuss side effects of human growth hormone. Human Growth Hormone is the protein that is synthesized by 190 amino acids and it also includes notable number of other hormones in it for proceeding with many physiological cycles. 

We know that where HGH has many benefits against its usage similarly its usage has side effects for the individual. As we know that it is the type of medication that is being used in both human and animal.

As we cannot deny about the fact that the thing if has benefits then it is obvious that it would also possess some negative effects. So here we do discuss some side effects of Human Growth Hormone. The negative effects include as following:

  • Carpal passage disorder
  • Nerve, muscle, or joint torment 
  • Expanding of the arms and legs from liquid maintenance (edema)
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Numb and shivering skin
  • An expanded danger of coronary illness and diabetes
  • Development of malignant tumors
  • Development of facial highlights, hands, and feet (acromegaly)
  • State of mind changes, reliance, and withdrawal
  • An expanded heart
  • Low glucose
  • Liver harm
  • Weariness
  • Expanded bosoms in men (gynecomastia)

Excessive use of Human Growth my lead to thickening of the muscles instead of lengthen them in the adults. Human only do not just consume HGH naturally but they HGH synthetic injections and these injections has negative effect if they are used in excessive amount.

The excessive use of HGH Injections may lead a disorder known as acromegaly.


 results from exorbitant discharge of development chemical in grown-ups, generally the results of kindhearted pituitary tumors. The beginning of this problem is commonly sneaking, happening more than quite a while.

Acromegaly shows some clinical signs that consolidate excess of furthest points, growth of tissues in delicate condition, contrast from the standard in jaw structure and cardiovascular sickness. This led to various metabolic confusions, including hyperglycemia.



It is basically the enlargement of breast in men or adult boys, which is due to imbalance of hormones in body. These imbalance in hormone is adjusted within some time. The hormone which are reason of this disorder are testosterone and estrogen.

But the excessive use of Human growth hormone being used by most of the athletes to make body. As there are different situation in which gynecomastia is caused which are as follow


In Infants:

Mother’s estrogen level is cause in infants which led to gynecomastia. And half of men are born with extended breast which is treated itself in about weeks.

Puberty Duration:

 Hormonal change is the basic thing that led towards breast enlargement in male during puberty and this effect go away within six month or more. The swollen breast tissue does come to normal

In Adults (Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone):

Gynecomastia is about to at peak in age from 50 to 69 and about at least 1 of 4 group of men are affected in this time period.

It is also stated that this disorder increases by the use of HGH or anabolic steroids which are used for increasing muscles mass and body building. The prevention stated is that there should be no use of growth hormone or street drugs.


It is the swelling of body tissues and due to increase amount of water trapped in the body and this swelling is mostly seen in legs, hands, feet and ankle. This swelling is due to fluid retention and the fluid retention is increased in the body due to human growth hormone. There are different kinds of edema which do occur like peripheral, pulmonary and pedal.

The pedal edema has effects on hands and feet and the starting effect of this edema will be normal but this effect will speed up continuously. The pulmonary edema does affect the liver. Which means that the great water level gets trapped inside the liver and which do later start harming the liver.



 The use of old HGH may lead human towards being a cancer patient. Cancer is caused due to too much or long-term use of HGH. The level of IG-factor1 gets increase in human due to use of human growth hormone.

Human body lead towards cancer when the cancer cells increase get to grow faster in the body due to high-level of insulin-growth factor in it. This is too related to acromegaly because the patient with this disorder has high level of IGF-1 which lead cancer cells growth and make patient suspectable to be a cancer patient.


Glucose Intolerance:

Glucose insularity may lead to many disorders like reduction in mass of muscles, blurry vision, feeling of being thirsty and also the urination issue. So, by using human growth hormone the glucose level increases and it led to so many other disorders.

Due to excessive use of HGH the metabolic processes in human get interrupted and then due to these interrupted metabolic conditions the glucose level is interrupted too.

Glucose Intolerance

Hypertension (Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone):

It is basically the term that refers to high blood pressure. So, we know that high blood pressure may become cause of cardiovascular diseases. The benefit of HGH here turns into the side effects as too much or long-term use of the HGH may lead to hypertension. To maintain the normal blood pressure is essential for everyone otherwise it will become a disease taking you to the grave. Human Growth Hormone cause a drop in the arterial blood load. So, it may risk one’s life towards having heart stroke.

Normal blood pressure is maintained by taking a healthy diet, doing exercise regularly and by keeping the stress level in check. If it is left unchecked it won’t be good for an individual.

The risk of diabetes increases with excessive use of HGH, and it do also increase the cholesterol level of human. Fatigue is also the effect that is being seen in human having excess amount of HGH and this may change the structure and working of the heart.

There are some more side effects of using HGH as vision inabilities, vomiting abdominal pain and puffiness of eyes, feet or ankles. 

The benefits of HGH can be changed into its side effects if the dose of HGH is taken in excessive amount or if it is used for a long time without being consulted with any expertise.

The concluding lines come up with that the benefits against the usage of Human Growth Hormone can be turned into its side effects if the dose of human growth hormone exceeds from the limit that is being defined by the doctors or the consultants. Where HGH is very effective at the same place it is dangerous and do have many notorious side effects on human body.

The side effects of HGH may leave human body depending on the amount of HGH intake in the body. The side effects always are there in human body when the amount of HGH is taken into body either less or more from the limit that is defined. 


The side effect leaving the body depends upon 3 factors and these are as follow

  •  The severity of human growth hormone in body
  • The metabolic processes
  • The dosage that is being consumed.

So, to avoid this do consult the doctor and if you are having a therapy going on you must be in touch with your doctor and may inform him about the effects if you are having against that HGH Therapy. The doctor could stop those side effects in early stage by maintaining the dose or by cutting it down from the therapy.

After quitting HGH therapy, the one feel same like the way he/she was before taking the therapy. It is also stated that after leaving the therapy some side effects one has to face are as follow

  • Focal adiposity
  • Diminished bulk
  • Diminished endurance and energy
  • Improper cardiovascular catalyst levels
  • Mental issues, for example, sadness and fear

The side effects can be treated at early stages and it do not last for more time in body. So, to avoid all these circumstances do make sure that you are consulting to a certified consultant having good knowledge about the benefits, side effects and the doses of the human growth hormone.

Excessive amount of anything may led to negative effects and to control these situations always do have complete knowledge about the side effects and benefits of that respective things. To avoid the side effects, one should always follow the natural process for maintaining the level of human growth hormone.