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Sermorelin is vital for overall growth, cell regeneration, and cell reduction. It is an especially important element for normal growth and development in children.

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Using Sermorelin with Testosterone

Sermorelin Therapy for Women

Sermorelin Therapy

When to take Sermorelin?
Sermorelin injections can be taken either intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The optimal dosage of
Sermorelin is 100mg, from one to four times per day. The best time to take Sermorelin is considered to
be: first injection fifteen minutes before your meal, and the last injection shortly before sleeping.

How to prepare Sermorelin for Injection?
Sermorelin can be found either as injections or powder. If it’s a powder, the manufacturers provide you
with three solvents, which are saline, water, and bactericidal water.
You can prepare the Sermorelin for injection by following the rules below:

  • The vial will be heated in the palms to room temperature or just let stand for about an hour in
    the dark.
  • Before beginning the process, let oxygen enter the liquid for a few minutes.
  • Liquid won’t be poured directly, but run down the walls, adjust the syringe needle to insert it
  • When the liquid is added into the vial, keep the container in the fridge. Do not shake it, because
    the process will take place independently.
  • The solution will be useful for about 25 days, if stored at temperature between 2 and 8°C/36 and

How to inject Sermorelin into the muscle?
Once you’ve completed preparing the Sermorelin dosage, you can proceed to the injection. You can
inject the dosage intramuscularly, or under the skinusing an insulin syringe.
With clean hands, you can begin to inject Sermorelin while following the rules below:

    Take a 1cc gauge insulin syringe out of its package and remove both the plunger and the needle
    cover, then set it aside to recap the needle after use.

  • Insert the needle into the center top of the Sermorelin vial as you tilt the vial gently upside
    down, while pulling back on the plunger past the prescribed dosage amount – check the syringe
    for bubbles, tapping gently to get them to the top of the syringe before pushing it to remove the
  • Once you’ve removed the needle from the vial, recap it while you prepare your injection site.
  • Use a fresh alcohol swab to clean the injection area before uncapping the needle.
  • Pinch a small fold of the prepared skin between your fingers and insert the needle into the skin
    at a 45-degree angle.
  • Release the pinched skin before you push the syringe plunger slowly in to release the Sermorelin
    into your body.

What to expect?
You may see some of the early results within one or two weeks. However, to see the real result with the
Sermorelin you need to continue to take the medication for at least three months or longer. There is no
reason why you can’t try the benefits of Sermorelin for up to twelve months or maybe even years
because it is a safe treatment and there almost no indication that there any long-term health effects
from using Sermorelin.

How do I start?
Before you start the treatment, your hormone levels must be measured by a licensed medical provider.
The appropriate dosage for Sermorelin can only be known once your hormone deficiency level is known.
Any treatment programs that neglects this essential step should be prevented. Also, you need to consult
with a medical expert to ask questions about the supplement, the treatment, and your hormone levels.
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