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Peptide Therapy

Saizen is one of the brands of somatropin growth hormone that is used in the treatment of hormonal deficiency. It also treats failure of growth, and other hormonal complications. It is pyrogenic-free and sterile. Recombinant DNA technology is used for the manufacturing of Saizen growth hormone. This growth hormone is produced by mouse C127 (mammalian cell line). Somatropin injection is the generic name for Saizen. Its white lyophilized powder is specially intended for subcutaneous injection. The molecular weight of this growth hormone is 22,126 Daltons, and it comprises 190 amino acids. Saizen is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water before injection. The pH of the solution after reconstitution ranges from 6.56 to 8.5.

Saizen (somatropin) dosage and injections:

Saizen is available in the vial, with a quantitative consumption of 1 vial is,
• 5 mg vial
• 8.81 mg vial

5 mg vial:
In a 5 mg vial, there is 34.3 mg sucrose and 1.15 mg O-phosphoric acid. Sodium hydroxide adjusted the pH of each vial.

8.8 mg vial:
60.4 mg sugar and 2.06 mg O phosphoric acid make up the contents of this vial. The pH is set to the same level as the 5 mg vial.


As an antibacterial preservative, 0.9 percent benzyl alcohol is used. It is bacteriostatic water that is utilized for injections. The following are some of the instruments that are used for the administration of saizen (injections):

• Click easy reconstitution device
• Saizenprep reconstitution device

Click. Easy reconstitution device:

 In these types of devices, Saizen is also available. The following is the composition of these devices such as:
8.8 mg vial in the click. the easy device contains 8.8 mg somatropin, 60.31 mg sugar, and 2.05 mg 0-phosphoric acid.


 For antimicrobial preservative injection, the amount of 0.31% w/v metacresol in sterile water is added. The pH of this solution is approximately 6.5 to 8.5.

Saizenprep® reconstitution device:

Patients in Los Angeles, CA are given an 8.8 mg vial of Saizen (somatropin) with the saizenprep® reconstitution equipment. The amount of 8.8 mg somatropin, 60.5 mg sucrose, and 2.045 mg O-phosphoric acid are contained in each vial. In this case, sodium hydroxide or O-phosphoric acid are used to adjust the pH.


  The saizenprep® reconstitution device comes with 0.31 percent (w/v) metacresol in Sterile Water for Injection with an antibacterial preservative. The pH of the reconstituted solution ranges from 6.54 to 8.52. Adults and children are given Saizen growth hormone injections. Due to this fact, it has earned a good reputation in the market. Saizen click easy devices are available in Los Angeles, CA. It is an easy way to administer or insert growth hormone in your child. It improves the growth and development factors with some adverse effects.

The advantages of Saizen Somatropin HGH injections that make it productive are:
• There is an increase in the growth of muscle tissues.
• Quick recovery.
• There is an increase in libido as well as increased energy levels.
• Accelerated fat loss is another important component.

• Bones were strengthened and muscle tone was improved as a result of joint stability.

The factors to determine the quality of Saizen Hgh injections:

The first factor is an amino acid sequence. Synthetic saizen has an amino acid sequence that is bio-identical to amino acids produced naturally by our bodies. Checking whether the DNA sequence has been introduced to bacteria determines the product’s quality and purity. The addition of DNA sequence to bacteria improves and facilitates the creation of the latter. It also includes hygiene. Bacterial residues should not be present during the purifying procedure.

How to use Saizen Injections?

Saizen therapy should be followed closely by a doctor who is familiar with the identification and treatment of growth hormone problems.

• Follow your doctor’s, nurses, or pharmacist’s instructions to the letter.
• SAIZEN is designed to be injected subcutaneously (under the skin) by you, preferably in the evening.
• Your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will tell you to use specific autoinjector equipment to administer SAIZEN injectable solution into a cartridge.
• Carefully read and follow the device’s instructions for use.
• Carefully follow all of your doctor’s or nurse’s directions.
• Do not attempt self-injection unless you are confident in your ability to do it.
• If the SAIZEN includes particles or is not clear, do not inject it.

Saizen HGH in Los Angeles


 For pediatric patients, these medications or hormones are indicated. It is also given to adults as well as children.

Pediatric patient:

Patients with growth failure, hormonal imbalance and those who lack endogenous growth hormone is administered Saizen (somatropin).

Adult Patients:

Replacement of endogenous growth hormone is indicated for the patients who have a deficiency of growth hormones. It has been categorized =0-s:

• Adult-onset
• Child onset


Somatropin growth hormone is used to treat patients with pituitary illness, hormonal shortages, trauma, or radiation therapy. Adults who have this condition are given saizen injections.

Diagnosis for hormonal deficiency complications:

With two exceptions, an appropriate growth hormone provocative test is used to confirm the diagnosis of adult growth hormone insufficiency in both adults and children. These exceptions are:

• Patients suffering from numerous pituitary hormone deficits as a result of different biological disorders;
• Congenital growth hormone deficiency patients.
• Childhood-onset:
• Children suffering from growth hormone deficiencies due to genetic, congenital, acquired, or idiopathic issues are also treated with these.

Adverse effects of Saizen (as dose or injection):

There are adverse effects that are linked with saizen injections. Somatropin saizen may enhance the risk of getting cancer or a tumor. Sometimes, you may have unexplained weight gain, slow heartbeat, hearing problems, knee discomfort, and abdominal pain.
At injection sites:

• Burning sensations
• Muscles stiffness and joint pain
• Tiredness
• Eye infections
• Swelling
• Headache and numbness
• Soreness, redness, itching, or pain.

Cold symptoms like sneezing, coughing, or sore throats that are caused by Carpal tunnel syndrome?
Including these, sleep apnea, lung infections, breathing problems, and overweight children are also observed. You should consult your doctor If you are facing any complications. During the consultation, you describe your doctor if you have any other chronic illness. If your doctor will not know about your medical history, then you will face complications.

Interlinkage of drugs:


Drug interactions can be dangerous in some cases, but they can also be beneficial to your health. You should not be concerned if you have a good expert and have told him about your medical history. Otherwise, if you are doubtful you should keep a list of all products and consult a wise pharmacist in Los Angeles, CA. 

The drugs that may affect saizen are:

• medications
• Insulin or oral diabetic
• Steroids
• Birth control pills.

Viagra may have some benefits against

Precautions to use Saizen Somatropin HGH:

When you are going to use saizen somatropin, if you have any allergies, tell your doctor. Medical history and clear conversation with your doctor are important to maintaining your good healthy life. If a patient is diabetic and the doctor is unaware of it, sugar levels can be. The doctor gives the dosage according to the medical history and need. The diabetic patient should check blood sugar regularly and share every detail of it with a specialist or consultant. The medical history associated with these disorders should specifically be told:

Precautions to use Saizen Somatropin HGH:

When you are going to use saizen somatropin, if you have any allergies, tell your doctor. Medical history and clear conversation with your doctor are important to maintaining your good healthy life. If a patient is diabetic and the doctor is unaware of it, he can experience high blood pressure that is dangerous for him. The doctor gives the dosage according to need and the medical history of the diabetic patients. The diabetic patient should check blood sugar regularly and share every detail of it with a specialist or doctor. According to Los Angeles, CA the following information on the medical history of these illnesses should be provided:

• Obesity
• Diabetic retinotherapy
• Thyroid problems
• Breathing problems
• Family history of diabetes
• Tumors
• Eye problems or retinotherapy
• Kidney issues
• Chronic illness
• Scoliosis (back problems).

If you are going to inject these medications into your newborn child, you should mix them with sterile water to avoid adverse effects. Benzyl alcohol is also used to mix with medications to avoid harm but if you increase its amount it can be risky. The risk of saizen injections is greater with lower birth weight infants. If you are taking a saizen injection, and visit a dentist in this duration then tell him about every product you have used or been using. Older adults are more sensitive to it. It may contribute to effect blood sugar levels or swelling of ankles and feet. During pregnancy, use it with proper consultation. Before breastfeeding consult the specialist at Los Angeles, CA, because it can be passed into breast milk.

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