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Humatrope is a man-made copy of human growth hormone.

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What is Humatrope Hormone Therapy for?

The doctor prescribes Humatrope mainly for children who deal with the issue of growth and short in turtle pace because

  • The lack of human growth 
  • Turner syndrome
  • Short stature home box-containing gene (SHOX)

In adults and children, the lack of growth hormone stops the growth of bones. According to the clinical research, the problems surgery, radiation treatment, hypothalamic, or pituitary diseases cured by Humatrope injections.

What You Can Expect from Treatment

  • The results are different according to a person’s ability, age, and growth.
  • Don’t panic because growth is a slower process even during the treatment.
  • According to HGH, Discuss with you all the treatment details, and set practical assumptions and positivity in your child.