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Human growth hormone dosage work like magic, those who don’t want to drink reinvigorate waters can try these drugs or injections. Firstly we will discuss human growth hormone. The pituitary gland makes a small protein that is secreted into the bloodstream. In normal conditions, the body creates more protein at night time rather than daytime. 

It has a great impact on the body system like fat utilization, insulin action, blood sugar level and also increases the production of protein in the body. It is produced in a great amount in childhood, during puberty production level is also maximum but with time it started to decrease.

Dosage of hormones and strength Nutropin

Nutropin is produced by recombinant DNA technology usually used for the growth failure treatment. 

It is also used for the replacement of endogenous growth hormone in adulthood. The maximum dosage of the Nutropin is 0.0125 mg/kg/day especially if the patient is up to 35 years old


The inadequate secretion of endogenous GH in children can cause growth failure, in Canada Genotropin is used as a treatment for them. It should not exceed 0.04 mg/kg per week, which means you should divide this dose into seven days and inject it into your body.


Humatrope is used in powder form which is white, sterile, and lyophilized. It is used for the turner syndrome patients, idiopathic short stature, SGA patients, and SHOX or growth failure patients. Firstly there is no need to cross the limit of 0.006 mg/kg/day and if it is giving the best result, then you can increase the dose up to 0.0125 mg/kg/day. It depends on the response, it can cause some issues then don’t increase the dosage.


Produced by recombinant DNA technology, Zorbtive is used in the form of injections for the treatment of short stature, growth hormone deficiency. It is indeed important for the muscles, bone growth, and also for the treatment of SBS ( Short Bowel Syndrome). It is more effective when used with a special diet and does not increase the dosage more than 8mg/day. Start with the 0.1 mg/kg/day and do not increase the dose for four weeks. If you see any reaction then consult healthcare quickly

Human growth hormone dosage


It is recommended for both weight base regimen and non-weight based regimen. The therapy of Saizen was used for under nutrition, advanced bone age, hypothyroidism, and antibodies to recombinant hgh dosage. Initially, you should not increase the dosage by more than 0.006 mg/kg/day.


Due to inappropriate secretion of endogenous GH in children they have Turner syndrome. Idiopathic short stature catches no growth after 2 to 4 years. It is also given to adults and children but in different amounts. Initiative dosage should be 0.006 mg/kg/day and not to exceed from 0.0125 mg/kg/day

  1. Omnitropin: its dosage should be 5mg/1.5mL, 10mg/1.5mL
  2. Genotropin: Its dosage can be vary from 0.2mg to the 2mg (0.4mg, 0.6mg, 0.8mg, 1mg, 1.2mg, 1.4 mg, 1.6mg, 1.8mg)

Growth hormone benefits

It has unlimited benefits and we will discuss some of them here.

  • Cell regeneration
  • Better pump
  • Burn fats
  • Regeneration of skin and organs
  • Muscle growth
  • Energy and metabolism
  • Brain function

Cell regeneration

According to the professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics, Robert Costa, the Human growth hormone dosage not only increases bone density and bone mass but also helps the body to heal quickly while regenerating new cells. Costa says “growth hormone levels decline as we grow older; as a result, the Foxm 1b gene stops working and our bodies are less capable of repairing damage.” So these human growth hormone injection are very helpful to keep you young and also active. During aging the decline of production of growth hormone causes the body to heal slowly.

Burn fats

Human growth hormone injections help to build, maintain and repair the tissues of the brain. After an injury these hormones will help you to heal faster and also after exercise, they can repair your muscle tissues. If you want to lose your fat, then you can use these injections to have a strong body. You can take hgh dosage in form of pills, powder, and injections if you want to be a muscle builder. Hgh dosage injections must be taken with the doctor’s prescription and a proper dose is beneficial otherwise you will get worse results. In old persons, it can decrease the fat especially around the belly area, and also increase muscle health. If you are an old person and wanted to be fit then chose your diet after observing nutrients and then these injections will be beneficial for you.

Athlete performance

These injections can alter the whole performance of an athlete if they took it with great precautions and care. If you are a player of baseball, football, cycling, then you should try these injections after consulting with the doctor. Many international agencies, who run these activities ban this because they think a player is not only involved in the physical activity but also the psychological.
Jonathon swiftly said “every man desires to live long,” “but no man would be old”. It is more effective for people who have growth or strength issues and if you are young athletes who don’t face any issue regarding this, then you should not use these injections. You should pay attention to your exercise and diet.

Muscle strength

These injections not only affect the muscle strength but also scapulae fixers, trapezius, coracobrachialis, anterior deltoids, serratus, and triceps. Those who lose muscle strength, and also face bone problems should use these injections. Bodybuilders should use this because these injections can fulfill all your needs. If you are having stress and or diabetic patient then your body is unable to produce these hormones and these human growth hormone injections can complete all your requirements regarding bodybuilding.

Side effects of HGH injections

In our society, we value height, strength, and fitness. Firstly HGH injections were used for medical purposes for the patients like turner syndrome, SHOX deficiency, and Noonan syndrome, in which the body is unable to produce enough growth hormones.

Why normal people use them?

 With time parents whose children did not grow enough, athletes for more power, and also bodybuilders started to use them. Parents are scared that their children will not be able to continue their life as normal people, athletes wanted to perform better than anyone and bodybuilders wanted to achieve their goals quickly.

 With time, users of these injections started to face problems because they did not follow the instructions correctly or they started to overdose on these growth hormones.


There are a lot of side effects of these hormone injections due to people’s lack of knowledge and some of them are given here:

Type 2 diabetes

It generally affects lipid and glucose mechanisms, when this system got disturbed there is a chance of uprising blood glucose level in the body. But the most improvement in insulin and glucose level reported by the patients who use these hormone injections.

  • Enhance insulin resistance
  • Edema (swollen legs and arms)

When you overdose the injection or pills, it can give you severe results instead of increasing performance. Your hands, arms, feet, and legs gain oval shape due to swelling, and you will feel tired all the time.


It is rarely happening in patients and appeared a long time after the usage of these injections. It usually occurs in childhood, or older age and happens due to endocrine disorders.

Increase cancer risks

If you take the old form of Human growth hormone dosage then there are more risks of cancer like Hodgkin’s or colon disease. But it is so rare to see that the people who use hormone injections got cancer due to them, and Swerdlow suggested that it is not the real cause behind it. So there is no need to stop them and find the real cause.

Muscle and joint pain

Your muscle can start to ache when you exert injection on the soft tissues or due to overuse the injection at only one area. It can be mild or severe but depend on the condition. If you see any symptoms like redness around the area of injection, fever just after the hgh dose, swelling even if it is minor or tenderness then you should consult your doctor. Otherwise, it can cause serious issues.


If you use human hormone growth injections with great precaution and regularly go to the doctor then these hormones do not cause serious issues and you can use them safely. These growth hormones can give you the best results which you want, so you don’t need to afraid of the side effects if you don’t overdose and take care of your diet and exercise.

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