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Growth hormone is normally produced in the pituitary gland and functions to stimulate growth and cell reproduction. Those who are growth hormone-deficient may turn to growth hormone therapy to remedy their condition. This is the process of injecting growth hormone into the body and will have you reaching your full potential in due time.

Before you undergo this therapeutic procedure, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your doctor will be the one prescribing this therapy, which will typically require you to have daily doses of the hormone depending on your condition. Some of us may need more injections than others because of the severity of each situation.
  • It’s important to see your doctor regularly throughout the treatment process (4 to 8 weeks) to monitor your condition and progress, and ensure that everything is going according to plan. There will be blood tests performed to determine if more hormones have to be injected.
  • To fully ensure a safe and effective procedure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels will be monitored, as taking growth hormone can influence the body’s response to insulin, which controls the level of glucose in our blood. The same goes with your bone density, which will be periodically checked while you’re getting your injections.
  • Your children can also undergo growth hormone therapy as well, which helps them grow at a staggering rate particularly in the first year of treatment.

Hormone decline is something all of us have to deal with as we age. With the help of HGH MD, you can deal with it the right way – through Human Growth Hormone Therapy! Go on the journey to optimal health and wellness by calling us at 888-763-4221.

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