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More than 95,000 people around the globe have been treated by Genotropin.

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Genotropin is an FDA-approved treatment for adults and children with growth hormone deficiency.

Genotropin has also been proven to be effective in treating children who were born small for their gestational age; children with idiopathic short stature and Prader-Willi syndrome; and girls with Turner syndrome.

Genotropin Treatment

HGH MD will take the following steps to make sure that your children get the best possible results from their treatment:

  • Prepare all materials necessary before injecting Genotropin.
  • Deliver Genotropin injections at the same time each day.
  • Deliver Genotropin injections to different parts of the body.
  • Work with you to ensure that your child does not miss a dose.
  • Monitor your child’s progress, including their weight and height.
  • Work with you to ensure your child has a well-balanced diet and gets enough exercise and sleep.

For a safe and effective Genotropin treatment, you may call our HGH MD experts at 888-763-4221.