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More than 95,000 people around the globe have been treated by Genotropin.

Senior men doing fitness exercise with help of trainer at sport gym

FDA approved Genotropin Hormone Therapy for adults, youngsters, and every age of humans. It is the treatment that is used for the growth of muscles and bones.

Genotropin treatment is used for bone growth issues in children, and in adults, it treats the problems of hormones. FDA approved the therapy for youngsters born small, girls with Turner syndrome, weak muscles (Prader-Willi syndrome), and children with short height (idiopathic short stature).

Genotropin Treatment

HGH MD staff follows these necessary steps for Genotropin treatment for your children to make sure that this treatment is best for your child, and you get 100% results and satisfactory solutions from our treatment. These all the Genotropin treatment points are according to the doctor prescription:

  • We arrange and ready all the material that is needed for Genotropin treatment.
  • Each day at the same time must transfer Genotropin injection.
  • Genotropin injection must transfer to different body parts.
  • Corporate with us to make sure that your child doesn’t miss the injection.
  • Give updates about all the progress of the weight and height of your child.
  • Make sure that you Give the proper sleep, exercise, and a well-balanced diet to your child.